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     General Help

      About HealthLink

      HealthLink New Mexico is an initiative of the Health Information Alliance which was established by state statute in 1994 under the Health Information Systems Act. The purpose of this website is to provide a link for the public and private health care sectors to share information and to provide a wide variety of health information for all New Mexicans. Your comments are welcome.

     Explorit Help

     Searches Using Explorit

From within any document under Explorit the search screen may be accessed by clicking on the Search button on the Explorit Tool Bar. On the search screen click once in the search criteria field, type the words or phrases for your query, and click on the Submit button to launch the search.

Explorit returns a list of documents from each site selected. From this results list, click on the highlighted ID for the document you wish to view.

Most documents under Explorit are in ASCII or PDF format. To return to the results list from within a document, close the Acrobat Reader (in the case of a PDF document) or use the Up button on the Explorit Tool Bar.

Focus and refine your searches by becoming familiar with the examples hyperlink found on all Explorit search form screens and by reading the following tips. The more you fine tune your queries, the greater your success will be in finding the exact information you need.

To avoid long irrelevant results lists focus your query by using more specific terms and various operators. If you are getting little or no results from a search query, try broadening your search using stemming and wild cards, or by simply broadening your terms.

Searches under Explorit are not case sensative. The search results list will be the same regardless of whether you use upper-case or lower-case letters in your query.

The search engine that underlies Explorit uses stemming. The search engine will automatically search for multiple stems of words in any query submitted. To avoid stemming and search for an exact phrase only, enclose your query entry in double quotes.

The default connector for words in a phrase is <or>. To override this default and search for an exact word or phrase enclose your query in double quotes.


The Alerts feature is a service that will automatically notify you when new documents are available in your specific areas of interest.

Creating a User Name and Password

Select NEW USER to register as a new user.

Complete the Registration Form to create a user name and password.

Click Register then click Login.

Enter your user name and password in the login form.

If you already have an account select EXISTING USER.  Enter your user name and password and click Login.  You can then view results for existing alerts, make changes to your alerts, or create new alerts.

If you have forgotten your password send an email to support@iwa-solutions.com.  We will provide you with the information to get to your individual account and create a new password.

Create Your Search

In the Alert Name provide the unique title of what you want your search to be called.  You'll need the alert name to change or delete the alert or to view results.

Enter the search term(s) you want included in this profile in the search criteria field.  (You may wish to use the examples page to determine the best keywords to creating your alert.)

Click the submit button.  This will complete the alert set up and it will be run with the next alert batch process.

Each alert update you will get an email message telling you that your alert is ready.   The email will contain a listing of the newest local Healthlink document(s) that are available as well as a link to your personal alert page.

The alert system will archive six weeks of search results on your personal alert page.

Edit Alerts

It is possible to edit and modify your alerts from your personal alert page.  (If not already logged on, choose EXISTING USER, enter user name and password and click login.)  Click on the name of the Alert you wish to edit.  You may modify the search terms. When your changes have been made, click the Submit button, your changes will go into effect the next time the Alerts are processed. 


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Tech Support

If you have any problems with this site, please contact the Health Policy Commission Office